Racing (sold out)

These 2 X 1,5 hour on the circuit of Francorchamps is made for the discovery of the famous ring of the Ardennes by the amateur or experienced driver with driving licence ans his vehicle, and this only after registration.

These 2 sessions are strictly reserved to competitions cars (Vwaircooled ONLY) or widely modified and for experimented drivers, licensed or pilots who have sportive training. Each driver knows his car limits.


From 9 am to 10.30 am
On Sunday from 9 am to 10.30 am

5 points are stricly required to participate

  1. 4 authorized points roll bar.
  2. For buggys : 6 points and ratified.
  3. For V formula : roll bar behind the head is required !
  4. HBody harness or min. 3 points seatbeld (body harness is required for buggys !)
  5. Safety helmet

Security Measures

Access to the circuit will be through the gate of Eau Rouge , behind the stands.
At the end of each session, the red lights at the marshals' place will be lightened and red flags will be shown.

On the circuit itself please do behave as a responsible person, stay fair-play, keep your distances, the vehicle in front of you might break down. This is not a race ! JUST FOR FUN

In case of danger or on simple demand of the security, all the participants will have to leave the circuit immediately through the pit lane (Coca Cola tower) and the paddocks, at slow speed.

In case of breakdown, the driver should try to bring his car as close as possible to the barriers and wait behind them until the end of the session so that the security service can collect him.

It is strictly forbidden to drive the opposite way on the circuit, to go backwards or to stop even to take pictures ! Don’t just stop on the circuit !
Maximum allowed speed in the pit lane is 60 km/h
Maximum allowed speed in the paddocks is 10 km/h
In case of accident only the vehicles of the security service with on board the medical crew, the equipment and the doctor may enter to circuit to intervene.

Conditions for access to the racetrack for pilots

  1. First, being registered ONLY via our website.
  2. Driving licence (B)
  3. Maximum 2 persons per vehicle
  4. Safety helmet.
  5. Helmet and fastened seatbelt.
  6. Following a new enforcement system (track stewards and tow truck) there will be a fee of 140 € additional participation (in addition to your right to normal entrance, see participants price) whether for one or two sessions.
  7. Payable at time of registration on the website.
  8. Upon receipt of your payment you will receive confirmation with your registration number.
  9. Registration and Payment Deadlines: On June 30, 2023

Conditions for access to the racetrack for the co-pilot

  1. Being registered and signed discharge in stand 45.Therefore, he will receive a wristlet.
  2. Being 16 years old (minimum).
  3. Pilots and co-pilots must have their wristlet before the access to the circuit !

Conditions for access to the racetrack for vehicles

  1. All vehicles must either be air-cooled VW.
  2. The only exceptions are vehicles invited by the organisation.
  3. Unacceptable vehicles: Monospace, Motor-home, Van, “less than four wheels” vehicles.
  4. A technical control will be done by the organisation to be sure that the vehicle is in order concerning the security. Otherwise, the organisation can deal him out of the session.
  5. Vehicles with a noise percentage of 103 DB are not allowed on the track.

Racing conditions

  1. The first lap will be done with the pace car in front of the different groups.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to overtake the pace car.
  3. A briefing will take place in stand 45 for pilots at 8.30 am.

The organisation can not be held responsible

  1. All pilots and co-pilots must sign a discharge in stand 45.
  2. The stand 45 will be open at 8.00 am.
  3. Misconduct will not be tolerated and can be punished by the exclusion of the pilot and the vehicle.


  1. Each participant who settled in the paddock is obliged to have a tarp under his vehicle to avoid dirtying the bitumen in case of loss of oil or other.


  • You are supervised by the professional security team with doctors, ambulance, track stewards, intervention vehicles, tow truck and camera staff. Each participant could get the advantage of his pilot skills to his friends (if they have a wrislet and is minimum 16 years old !)
  • The number of vehicles by session is limited to 50. The organisation reserves the right to refuse registrations.
  • All damages caused to structures will be charged to the pilot for immediate payment. The amount of damage being encrypted directly by the circuit in the event of non-payment the vehicle will be impounded.
  • Example : One security rail= 200 €