Discover the world’s most beautiful race track

As in other years we offer the opportunity to drive on the race track at Spa-Francorchamps.


Saturday : 10:30 to 11:50 and 1 pm to 3:20 pm
Sunday : 10:30 to 11:50 and 1 pm to 3:30 pm


Seat belts must be worn and you must follow the pace-car (it is fprbidden to overtake the pace car). Start at the Eau Rouge gate at the rear of the 24 hrs stands. On each lap you must exit the track at the F1 Pit lane. Drive responsibly and fairly, keep your distance. This is not a race - it is JUST FOR FUN.

If you encounter a problem on the track you must stop as close as possible to the security rail and wait until the rescue vehicle comes to recover you.

It is forbidden, to drive backwards, reverse, make a rear turn or stop to take pictures. You must not stop on the track.

Pit Lane speed maximum 50Km/h.
Paddock speed maximum 10Km/h.

In the case of an accident the security, recovery service and the Medical Doctor will come to the rescue.

Access restrictions

Only air cooled VWs with the necessary safety equipment items are allowed. The organisers will check the cars and if necessary can and will refuse access to the track.

Indemnity form

By the payment of his registration and purchase of bracelets the participant declares to have read the internal regulations of the BUGSHOW and to submit to them. It will cover any damage caused to the infrastructure of the circuit (buildings/ track, etc.).

Any contravention or infringement of the rules will result in an exclusion of the driver and the car.


Any damage caused by you or your car will be result in a charge and must be paid in cash.
Exemple : 1 sécurity rail = 200 €.

Inscriptions only on the spot as in the previous years.

Inscriptions uniquement sur place comme les années précédentes.