1. Due to incidents in 2017 it is forbidden to camp on the sidewalks and on the street. Police have informed us that they will issue fines and penalties and tow the cars away. Parking areas P4 / P5 /P6 are open.
  2. Only air-cooled VWs or derivatives are allowed inside the paddock – this includes T3 bus with air-cooled engines also. KIT CARS with a VW Beetle base are accepted with any type of engine. Cars with the label PORSCHE are NOT accepted inside with exception of 356 REPLICA cars and VW PORSCHE 914 (4 cyl). The organisers can refuse or accept any car, person or trader that does not act or conform to the spirit of the BUG SHOW.
  3. The organising staff may exclude any participant temporarily or permanently if they deem that said participant may endanger other participants, visitors or local people.
  4. Only cars with the necessary official paperwork, licence plate and insurance are allowed to drive on site. Any cars deemed not in order will only be allowed to circulate on a trailer.
  5. A “stinger” exhaust or any other illegal exhaust is prohibited. The only exceptions are during drag racing and normal racing (to a max of 103db).
  6. Between the hours of 20:00 and 08:00, you are not permitted to test engines or car audio on the campsite. Participants are kindly requested not to move their cars on the campsite between these hours. If it is absolutely necessary then you must drive slowly and silently.
  7. Slides and Burn-outs on the grass or on the roads and parking area are forbidden by the police department and will be punished..
  8. There is a general 10 km/hour speed limit applicable in all areas on site.
  9. Open fires are not allowed. Only BBQ's on a stand are allowed. Participants are responsible for any damages in the case of accidents.
  10. During the models show the use of cameras (either video or photo) and the throwing of objects at the artists is strictly prohibited.
  11. Participants should respect the surroundings and the peace of other people.
  12. When subscribing to the event and buying his bracelet the participant declares having read the rules and regulations of the BUGSHOW. Every degradation, by the participant, on the infrastructure of the racetrack (building,racetrack,etc…) will be at charge of the participant. The organisation is not responsable of accidents or theft of any kind.
  13. No camping is permitted on the paddocks area except for those involved in the Swap Meet, Exhibitors, Drag, Racing and the Organisers themselves.
  14. By order of the Police the use of Pocket Bikes is strictly forbidden on the entire site for the duration of the Show – this includes the paddocks areas. Any Pocket Bikes will by confiscated and locked up.
  15. Only 2 wheeled vehicles or quads authorised by the Organisers (and displaying a special badge) are allowed to circulate in the paddocks. Any other non-authorised vehicles will be confiscated and returned at the end of the Show.
  16. During the Great Parade it is strictly forbidden to circulate, to park on the lawn or grass areas adjoining the circuit, or to throw objects on the circuit. Please note that you are being filmed!
  17. It is forbidden by the Fire Department to use the 2 covered areas near the paddock as a camping spot. It is also forbidden to cook in any fashion in these areas.
  18. A ground cover sheet should be placed under any vehicle when any mechanical work is being performed anywhere on site – this includes in the paddock and in the camping areas.
  19. Vehicles with a noise level in excess of 103DB are not allowed on the track. Testing is as follows: a measurement tool will be placed at 1m distance and at an angle of 45° from the outlet - and the engine will run at 75% of its capacity.
  20. It is strictly forbidden to cut trees, wood or any vegetation anywhere on site. Breach of this will lead to arrest and even imprisonment.
  21. A ground cover sheet should be placed under the car when any mechanical work is performed in the paddock and at the camping.
  22. It is completely forbidden to display advertising on any supports, fencing or hoarding owned by the circuit (this includes guardrails, walls, barriers etc).
  23. The use of drones is strictly prohibited on the whole site.
  24. Any vehicles losing fluids are not allowed in the paddock or on the track.
  25. The organisers would like to wish you all a very good weekend !