200m DA

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  1. Technical control is mandatory
  2. Helmet
  3. Safety belts installed 2 points min.
  4. No loss of oil
  5. Batteries fixed
  6. Nothing loose in the car
  7. No visible porche turbine
  8. No kids or dogs in the pit lane
  9. No play in the direction. Loosen parts

3 categories

  1. M- aircooled less than 2 l
  2. M+ aircooled more than 2l
  3. Hybrid everything else

Saturday Morning 9h till 11h30

Technical check stand 25, attribution of a categorie and access to the race track. Rules TC, check here under.

Participants are responsible for all damages they do on the track and differents installations and also for the physical damage. The participants declare to drive with a car that is in a perfect technical state. Mandatory : safety belts and helmet. It’s forbidden to stop or park on the track.

Only air-cooled VW or derivate are accepted inside the paddock, T3 bus with air-cooled engines also. KIT CARS with a VW beetle base are accepted with any type of engine. Cars with the label PORSCHE are NOT accepted inside excepted the REPLIQUE CARS 356 and VW PORSCHE 914 (4 cal). The organization can refuse or accept a car, person or trader that not act within the spirit of the BUG SHOW.

The « stinger » exhaust or other illegal exhaust is not allowed. Only during drag racing and normal racing (max 103db).

Vehicles with a noise percentage of 103DB are not allowed on thetrack. Measuring will be done as follows; measurement tool will be placed at 1m and in an angle of 45° from the outlet and the engine will run at 75% of its capacity.

A ground cover sheet should be placed under the car when any mechanical work is performed in the paddock and at the camping.

Saturday 13h till 15h30

FREE RUNS with time registration , times & results end of the day.

Sunday morning 10h30 till 11h50

Technical check for new arrivals stand 25.

Sunday 10h30 till 11h50 and 13h till 16h

FREE RUNS with time registration , times & results end of the day. NO qualifications and final runs, the end results will be taken out of the 3 best times of the day and this in each category.

ATTENTION, the pilot who would like to compete should at least have one run on Sunday.